Gym Membership Trends

As technology increases, kids and adults have more reasons to watch TV or use electronics. Unfortunately, the 2015 Physical Activity Council Report shows levels of inactivity are continuing to increase for most age groups. In the survey, inactivity translates to those who reported no physical activity in 2014 and participation in sports activities that require minimal to no physical exertion. While most Americans are active, there is still a large amount of people who aren’t.

In addition to inactivity trends, the survey also reported activity participation rates by generation and activity spending. Millennials (those born from 1980-1999) showed the most participation in fitness sports followed closely by Generation X (born from 1965-1979). This means most people age  14-50 are participating in fitness activities more than other physical activities. Furthermore, the report showed a steady increase in gym membership spending. Gym memberships are becoming more popular and more and more people are turning to gyms to help them get or remain active.

For those who don’t participate in physical activity, in almost all age groups there was a desire in the top 10 interests to work out with weights or machines. The potential for new gym membership is incredible as fitness trends pop up everywhere and health insurance companies are also starting to push people towards fitness centers and getting gym memberships. Slowly, but steadily, we can decrease the level of inactivity in our nation.

For more information on trend of gym memberships and for the full report please visit the link below…

“2015 Participation Report.” Physical Activity Council. Web. 1 May 2015.


Annika Erickson

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