Reporting Tools at Your Fingertips

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Access to your data is more important than ever and making educated decisions with real-time data gives you an edge. To that end, we have been working feverishly to deliver tools that do just that. We are currently developing our reporting suite to give you all the access you enjoy, online.

This includes a new dashboard, providing you real-time reporting on your key indicators like sales, visits, active accounts, collections, and more. This powerful dashboard also gives you the ability to drill into the data for greater detail, allowing to visually identify trends and patterns.

Online reporting is also coming soon with the same power and versatility you enjoy on our desktop application. Both these tools combined offer you everything you need to access your data when and how you want it. Now you can have instant, real-time access to your data. Speak with your account manager for more information.

Ryan Taylor

IT Director

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