Stay Connected to Your Members

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We live in a connected society where people are constantly informed on what people are eating, wearing, and doing every minute of every day. As a business owner it is overwhelming yet vital to stay connected to your members. One of the easiest and simple ways to do this is through EMAIL BLAST.

Email is the simplest form of communication for your business. Now with free tools such as mail chimp you can reach your members all at once and in a matter of minutes. Monthly or weekly emails is a great way to stay connected and top of mind for your members. Here are a few ideas of emails you can send your members…

  • New employees or staff members
  • New Classes or schedule updates
  • Nutritional facts or new workouts
  • Birthday Emails
  • New Equipment

If email blast overwhelm you let Paramount help! Contact your Client Service representative today to find out how we can help you and your business get set up on our email blast campaigns. Our campaigns are custom fit to your business and will keep your members engaged and active. Call us today to find out more information.


Joey Rice

Marketing Director

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