Why Cleaning Your Gym Matters

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One of the most fundamental aspects of running any business is keeping it CLEAN. Nothing is more frustrating than walking into a department store and there are clothes scattered on the floor or walking into a business that smells so bad you walk right out. A huge difference between a good and a GREAT gym is cleanliness! Here are three ways to keep things clean in your business…

#1: Create a Culture of Cleanliness – cleanliness in your gym starts with the culture you create. You can create a culture of cleanliness by doing some of the following…

  • Provide towels or cleaning wipes for members to clean their hands and equipment.
  • Place signage in your gym that reminds members to clean up after themselves
  • Make sure your maintenance team is properly trained and cleaning your gym daily

#2: Train Your Staff – a clean gym starts and ends with your staff. If your members see a messy desk or a sloppy employee then it sends the message that they can act that same way in your facility. Make it a priority to have your staff looking professional and to keep their workstations in tip top shape.

#3: Organization – Everything should have a place within your business. If you don’t know where to start draw a floor plan of your business and give each piece of equipment or furniture a specific location. You will be amazed at how easy it is to keep things clean once everything has specific place to be.

Oftentimes cleanliness is overlooked by many business owners. However, within the health and fitness industry it is a vital to the success of a gym. Here are some great articles that highlight the importance of a clean business.

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