Social Media for Gyms

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As a gym owner or manager, you wear many different hats. You can be cleaning the locker rooms one day or filling in for a sick class instructor the next. Somewhere on your long to-do list is posting to and updating your social media accounts. We know it can be very overwhelming and we are here to help. Here are our top 5 social media tips that will make overseeing your social media accounts more realistic.

1: Choose Your Audience – All social media platforms are not the same. Depending on the platform, you can see a very different demographic. It’s important to know which audience you want to reach and to start there.

  • Facebook – Young parents and grandparents alike
  • Pinterest – Generally soon to be moms and wives
  • SnapChat / Vine / Instagram – Teenagers and young adults
  • LinkedIn – Business types and leaders
  • Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram – Influencers and Bloggers
  • YouTube – Teenage and college-age kids

2: Start Small – A common mistake among gym owners is they feel like they need to be on every platform possible. START SMALL. Focus on one or two platforms and manage those platforms really well. It’s better for you to have GREAT content on fewer platforms than it is to have ZERO content on all platforms.

3: Social Employee – Social media is a valuable tool to connect with your members and keep them engaged with your gym. Find a trusted part-time or full-time employee that you already have working for you and task them with managing your social accounts. Find someone who encompasses your brand and voice. Here is the bare minimum they should be posting on each network…

  • Blogging – once a week
  • Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn / Vine – 3x per week
  • Tweeting – 10x per week
  • Pinning – 20x per week

4: Invest in Social Ads – When Facebook purchased Instagram, they created one of the largest platforms for advertisers. If you want to start trying social ads, we suggest you start with Facebook. They are the biggest bang for your buck. Additionally, the targeting you can do is pretty amazing and super focused.

5: Be Consistent – Social media is all about consistency. Luckily, there are lots of different tools that can help you or your new social employee schedule post and comments. This will make things more manageable for everyone.

Social media is a powerful tool that can transform your business. It’s a great way to communicate directly with and engage your membership base.

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