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  • Personal Training

    Add existing members as PT prospects, tracks and release sessions based on your rules, and more

  • Web Sales

    Internet and Corporate Driven Websales

  • Kid Care

    Running a playroom is hard enough. Let us help.

  • Dashboard

    Up to the minute reporting on all your key performance indicators.

  • Member Feedback

    Collect and organize the feedback you receive from members to help improve their experience and your retention.

  • Club Scheduler

    PT, Tanning, aerobics, spinning, yoga, spa, rock climbing-all your profit centers are accessible through this easy to use calendaring.

  • Desk Manager

    Full checked-in and CRM tools at your front desk handle all your members’ needs.

  • Report generator

    Powerful and simple data mining to create the information you need the format you want it.

  • Club Maintenance

    Track all your club’s maintenance items on equipment and anything else that need to be work on.

  • Help

    Support, help docs, training, frequently asked questions, and more-get the help you need, when you need it.

  • Prospect engine

    Give your sales staff the ability to follow up with leads and potential members, then easily transfer the info to the contract writer.

  • Gym Payment

    An online member portal giving your members access their personal or billing information, make a payment or schedule a PT session.

  • Corporate Wellness

    Corporate invoicing, reporting, group billing, and more – mange all your corporate wellness needs.

  • Time Clock

    Fully functional check-in/check-out employee time keeping.

  • Sun station

    Finally, you can control your tanning beds with club software.

  • Membership Writer

    No more fuss with carbon copied of contracts.

  • Point-of-sale

    Full POS software with inventory management, tracking, multiple payment methods including on-account purchase, and more .

  • Employee maintenance

    Manage job classes, wages, certifications and more with this robust module.